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Saltdean Beach

Saltdean and Rottingdean have some of the finest little beaches in the area, smaller and quieter than Brighton.

The shingle beaches between rock groynes are backed by high chalk cliffs. At low tide rock pools appear and provide great fun. Bring a change of clothes as you probably get soaking wet.

Lifeguard cover is provided during the school summer holidays from 10:00 - 18:00 on both Saltdean and Rottingdean beaches. They fly a warning flag when the sea is unsuitable for bathing.

The beach is cleaned regularly. It is manually picked for litter daily in the summer. Bins are available. Dogs are banned on the main two beaches from May to September. No routine sewage discharge has been identified.

In Saltdean the car parking area is by the Lido, just north of the A259. The Whitecliffs Cafe overlooks the beach and serves yummy food and refreshing drinks. Toilets are available halfway up the cliff ramp on Saltdean Beach, not in the cafe.

Rock Hopping

Rock hopping at low tide is great fun on our beach. The slippery chalk reef with lots of brown and green seaweed is exposed. Little animals swim in the ponds. Don't touch, just look.

Rock hopping is an activity that involves traversing from rock to rock and avoid falling in too often. It can also be used as a means of getting from one place to another in combination with scrambling over rocks. Please stay away from the big black rocks and groynes. They contain crevices where you may get stuck or injured.

Rock hopping on our beach can be done by looking for the point where the beach begins to run out on either the East or West side of the promenade. What you are looking for are rocks or reefs that you can paddle among or climb over and observe nature.

Saltdean Beach
Surf Swimming is exciting extension of rock hopping, but stay clear of the rocky groynes.
Saltdean Beach
The local rockpools warm up quickly on sunny days.

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